Wednesday, June 25, 2008


On Wednesday, July 25th, children at the Waterford Public Library learned how to become master bubble-ologist (soapy scientist)

Karl Debelack presented Adventures in Science Storywagon program.
The children learned how to make square bubbles, spherical bubbles and how to blow bubbles inside of bubbles.

After the indoor portion of the program, we went outside to try out our bubble skills.

How to make Homemade Bubble Solution

1 Part Dish soap (Palmolive is recommended)

Do not use Ultra brand liquid soap or antibacterial brands.

10 Parts Water

1 Medium Bottle of Bubble Solution.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Kids Bike Parade

Waterford Lion's Club 4th of July

Kids Bike Parade

Sponsored by: Uncle Harry's Ice Cream

Come join the "Kids Bike Parade" that starts at 10:30 on July 4th. Individual kids up to 6th grade are invited to decorate their non-motorized bikes, wagons and doll buggies to participate in an old fashioned Bike Parade. Uncle Harry's is furnishing the prizes so you know they'll be sweet.
Please register at Uncle Harry's

Grand Prize

1 Quart of Uncle Harry's Ice Cream each month for a year!

1st Prize (2)

$20 in Uncle Harry's Gift Certificates

2nd Prize (3)

$10 in Uncle Harry's Gift Certificates

3rd Prize (5)

$5 Uncle Harry's Gift Certificates

A few rules to make it fun for all:

1. Non-motorized bikes. No Power Wheels.

2. Any kid up through 6th grade may enter.

3. You will be given a number when you register.

It must be visible on the left side of your bike.

You can register ahead at Uncle Harry's.

4. Line up is at Main and Milwaukee St. (old bowling alley parking lot).

5. Please arrive at least 20 minutes early to sign in.

6. An adult must either walk along the parade or meet you at

Whitford Park as soon as the Bike Parade is over.

Remember: if your child is under 6 you should walk along.

7. Judges will be at the Southside of Main and 2nd St.

8. Winners will be contacted and prizes will be handed out at a later date.

9. You can register on the 4th before 10am.

If you have any questions call Beth @ 514-4588

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Craft/Scrapbooking Classes

Altered Letter
With Deanna Morgan

Thursday, July 8, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Participants will “scrapbook” a large wooden letter. The letter makes a great gift or decoration for your own home! It can be hung on the wall or placed in a table top stand (not provided). A sample of an Altered Letter created for a young boy’s room can be seen at the library before you sign up. Fill out an info sheet at sign up so Deanna can provide the correct supplies for each person. If you wish to have an “extra personalized decoration” on your letter, you will need to bring it with you to the class. Register by Thursday, July 3rd. Class fee of $10 is due at time of registration.

The fee covers the cost of all materials, excluding personalized decoration.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Don't forget the surge protector!s!!

Summer causes an increased need for electronics protection, If you have a computer, you should definitely use a surge protector. It is filled with voltage sensitive components that a power surge could damage very easily. At least, the damage will shorten the life of your computer, and it could very easily wipe out all of your saved data or destroy your system. Computers are very expensive items, and the data they hold is often irreplaceable, so it's only good economic sense to invest in a quality surge protector.

It's a good idea to use surge protectors for other high-end electronic equipment, such as entertainment centers. A surge protector will generally extend the life of these devices, and there's always a chance that a big power surge will causes severe damage.

The most familiar source is probably lightning, though it's actually one of the least common causes. When lightning strikes near a power line, whether it's underground, in a building or running along poles, the electrical energy can boost electrical pressure by millions of volts. This causes an extremely large power surge that will overpower almost any surge protector. In a lightning storm, you should never rely on your surge protector to save your computer. The best protection is to unplug your computer. The more common cause of power surges is the operation of high-power electrical devices, air conditioners and refrigerators.

Fun Facts

The National Weather Service indicates that there are up to 1,800 thunderstorms in progress somewhere on the earth at any given moment.

Each year,the earth hosts over 16 million storms and 3 billion lightning strikes.

The United States experiences approximately 100,000 thunderstorms with 20 million lightning strikes annually.

Compiled with information from The Weather Channel,How stuff, Currents, Automated Weather Service, Global Atmospherics, Inc and Lightning

Friday, June 13, 2008

TeleFlip : Push Emails To Your Cell Phone

This is so cool...

TeleFlip is a Free service that lets you auto-forward your emails to a cellphone as text messages. It’s fast and easy to configure. You don’t have to buy a new cell phone, create a new email account or download any software. Seems like an excellent tool, especially for those who don’t own a Treo or Blackberry.

TeleFlip Features:

Auto-forward emails from your email accounts to your cell phone as a text message.

Reply to your emails from mobile phone.

Filtering: Control what email gets flipped to your phone and when you receive it.

Turn TeleFlip service on/off whenever you like.

Keep a copy of forwarded emails in your inbox as usual.

Free and Easy-to setup: No downloads, No special phone, No software to install.

Note: Teleflip is free however standard text messaging charges may apply (depending on your mobile service plan).

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Father's Day Program

Make Dad a Gift for Father's Day

Saturday, June 14th
10:00 - 10:45 am

We'll make Dad a cute card, a bookmark and decorate a "pillow" filled with yummy treats!

Cost $3 per child.

The first 30 who register can make these nice surprises for their Dad or Grandfather.
Call the library @ 534-3988 to register.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summer Reading Program Kick-off is JUNE 14th

Buzz on over to the Waterford or Rochester Library June 14th to sign up for this year's Summer Reading Program

"Catch the Reading Bug".

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Congratulations goes out to Kyle Endl

Kyle was our winner of our DDR competition that was held last Thursday evening.

Kyle won a $10 gift card to Blockbuster.

Everyone had a Dancing good Time!!!

Our next Wii competition will be on Monday, June 30th from 12-4.

Wii Boxing will be our next event.