Friday, December 28, 2007

Public Printing

When patrons print to the black & white Lanier next to the information desk, check the Gmail account to check to see which station printed the item. If you click on the email like, the Gmail account will list the date, time, website or what was printed, computer station #, name of printer (Lanier), IP address and # of pages printed. See example below:

Print Event on TSERVER at 12/20/2007 18:31.58

Show details 6:31 PM (1 minute ago) Reply

Time: 12/20/2007 18:31.58

Message: Document 201, view_pwok6686.txt owned by check-out1 was printed on LANIER MP C2500/LD425c PCL 5c via port IP_172.20.11.47. Size in bytes: 35509; pages printed: 4

User: LIBRARY\check-out1

When you are extremely busy, if you would like to use the post-it-note system for keeping track of printed items, you may. Also, you may collect the money at the time of printing or you can hold the copies and have the patron pay one lump sum when they leave. In regards to the copies left behind, I am awaiting the procedure for this from Pam. I will let you know the outcome in the next newsletter.

Until further notice, IMAC6 will only print to the Dell printer located between Gail & Ruth’s computer.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Room Reservations Calendar

On the Staff Webpage there is a new link to the Room Reservations Calendar

located at the bottom of the far right-hand side of the page. This is your one

stop place to see bookings for the Community Room, Waterford history Room

and the Storytelling Room. If there is a program in the Meeting Room or an

activity in the Storytelling Room, you just click on the hyperlink to view the

details. The what, when and where Information will give you a description for

that event. Note: The calendar in Pam’s office will still be available.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Check out these interesting Christmas links!!!!
Here is a fun way to track Santa's progress on Christmas Eve
Write a Letter to Santa, Read some cool Stories, Play some cool Games.Then less than half way down you will see Holiday Recipes.Click on that and you will see that there are a whole lot more Recipes than just cookies, but I was amazed that they had over 300 Cookie Recipes right there in one spot!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

UNSHELVED-Comic Relief

Unshelved is the world's only daily comic strip set in a public library! Writer Gene Ambaum (the made-up name of a real-life librarian) and co-writer and artist Bill Barnes have been publishing since February 16, 2002. Some of the stories are made up, some of them are based on real life, and some are absolutely true stories sent to us from our readers. And the stranger the story, the more likely it is to be true.

Here's a quick primer about the library and the people who work there and frequent it.

The Mallville Public Library

Most of the action in Unshelved takes place in or near the Mallville Public Library, a branch library in the same system as Outlet City. Recently the library underwent a significant (and unusually rapid) remodel.

Our hero, the determinedly ironic young adult librarian who would rather read comic books or play games than work the reference desk, or indeed do any kind of work at all.
First appearance: February 16, 2002

Beleaguered branch manager trying to keep the chaos to a minimum. Mel’s great passions in life are fly-fishing and office supplies. It is Mel’s fate that she can’t state an opinion that isn’t immediately contradicted by the events around her.
First appearance: February 16, 2002

Children’s librarian. Cheery and idealistic, but don’t cross her. Tamara’s favorite letter is “T.”
First appearance: March 4, 2002

Cranky, old-fashioned, computer-illiterate reference librarian who late in life surprised everyone by adopting baby Doreen from China. (“I wanted a clone but the technology wasn’t there.”)
First appearance: February 19, 2002

Twelve-year old who spends a lot of time in the library for someone who doesn’t like to read. He enjoys action figures, web surfing, and video games. Dewey is either his idol or the only person who will talk to him, or both.
First appearance: February 16, 2002

Buddy the Book Beaver
Former library mascot turned library page who still wears his costume for reasons that aren’t entirely clear. His colorful past is slowly being unearthed.
First appearance: June 26, 2002

Mallville’s media-savvy attorney is also a civil libertarian who exercises his freedom of expression in a unique way.
First appearance: March 14, 2002

Click the link below to read the continuing saga of Unshelved.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How to make a photo smaller to send via e-mail

What you need is photo-editing software. Even though you're not really doing advanced photo editing, you need that type of software to change your graphics file, just as you would need a word docor text editor to change a document.The solution is to use the Paint program, which comes with Windows.

This program is helpful if you don’t have the more expensive Photoshop.Open the image in Paint, and use File>Open to hunt that file down. Be sure to choose "All Picture Files" from the Files of type drop-down list. Otherwise, Paint will open only BMP files. (You should e-mail only JPG images.)Choose Image>Stretch/Skew from the menu. In the Stretch and Skew dialog box, locate the Stretch area. Type 50 into the Horizontal and Vertical boxes to reduce the image by half, or 50 percent. Click OK.

If that isn't small enough, repeat those steps. Don't forget that you can use Ctrl+Z (Undo) if you change your mind.Note: Some photo-editing programs let you resize by entering an amount in pixels. In that case, try setting the longest edge of the image to about 300 to 400 pixels, which is a good size for an e-mail attachment.After getting the size you want, resave the image.
Also, be sure to check JPEG from the Save as type drop-down list. That's the best file format for e-mail attachments.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Don't trash those photos yet! brings unsharp, moved, blurry and unfocused pictures back to life. So before you delete you images on your camera. Have another look and start sharing what you would have deleted with the rest of the Junkyard art world.

Monday, December 17, 2007

New Downloadable Music

Downloadable music will now be available from the WPLC Digital Download Center. hosted by OverDrive.

The initial collection contains 99 classical titles selected by the WPLC Selection Committee.
The loan period for music will be 7 days, the same as for books and videos.The total number of checkouts, irregardless of material type, will increaseto 6. (That change also increased the total number of items that a personcan have in a cart at one time to 8.

Digital audio books and downloadable videos are also available from the collection.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Fun Fact

Oops! I made a mistake.

Control-Z is used to Undo. It erases the last change done to the document reverting it back to an older state or the last operation performed by the user.
Some software programs also provide a keystroke that functions as the opposite Redo operation, which re-applies the last editing operation, generally activated by a Control-Y.

Information gathered from Wikipedia

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Microsoft Word Tips Tricks

How do I tell the Office Assistant to go away?
Click on the Office Assistant, then click on Options.
Clear the Use Office Assistant check box.
You can also customize the behavior of the Office Assistant by checking or

clearing the checkboxes on the Options tab. If you want to learn how to

customize the Office Assistant, but it's not currently visible, choose Show the

Office Assistant from the Help menu.