Friday, December 28, 2007

Public Printing

When patrons print to the black & white Lanier next to the information desk, check the Gmail account to check to see which station printed the item. If you click on the email like, the Gmail account will list the date, time, website or what was printed, computer station #, name of printer (Lanier), IP address and # of pages printed. See example below:

Print Event on TSERVER at 12/20/2007 18:31.58

Show details 6:31 PM (1 minute ago) Reply

Time: 12/20/2007 18:31.58

Message: Document 201, view_pwok6686.txt owned by check-out1 was printed on LANIER MP C2500/LD425c PCL 5c via port IP_172.20.11.47. Size in bytes: 35509; pages printed: 4

User: LIBRARY\check-out1

When you are extremely busy, if you would like to use the post-it-note system for keeping track of printed items, you may. Also, you may collect the money at the time of printing or you can hold the copies and have the patron pay one lump sum when they leave. In regards to the copies left behind, I am awaiting the procedure for this from Pam. I will let you know the outcome in the next newsletter.

Until further notice, IMAC6 will only print to the Dell printer located between Gail & Ruth’s computer.

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