Thursday, January 3, 2008

Making blogs, wikis, and other tools work for you and your library

I attended this workshop at the Franklin Public Library last year sponsored by the Milwaukee County Federated Library System, in conjunction with the Library Council of Southeastern Wisconsin. The Presenters were Stef Morrill, Associated Director, South Central Library System and Nichole Fromm, Technology Project Support Specialist, South Central Library System.

We learned about RSS/Aggregators such as Bloglines, Productivity Tools, Bookmarking, Instant Messaging, Web conferencing, Social networking, Wikis, photo sharing, weblogs, podcasts and social book-marking sites. Yes, I know, it all sounds Greek, but some of these tools are quite helpful. I found that Doodle will not only help you coordinate meetings, but recently I needed to get all 11 family members of mine informed on the date and time of my move to Browns Lake. By creating a poll and sending it to all participants you are able to check the status of your poll to see if everyone is able to attend at the same time on the same day and it’s FREE!!!

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