Wednesday, January 16, 2008

SirsiDynix announces the release of Enterprise Portal Solution (EPS

The major enhancements to EPS/Rooms include:

* Full details holdings includes many additional sort and display options.
* Spell check for all searches including a "Did You Mean" feature.
* Academic Reserves support added.
* Kids' Library/Find it Fast content module added. This allows users to
search by clicking on images rather than entering a search term.
* Addition of Most Popular content module. This content module takes
results from the Unicorn Most Popular Items report to show the most
frequently checked out items by author, title and subject over a specified
time period.
* Best Sellers and Recommended Reading lists available in Reading Lists
content module.
* Support for federated searching via Central Search; continued support
for federated searching via Single Search.
* Native Z39.50 interface. The Z39.50 native client is available as a
Search Type when searches are initiated for a given room in EPS.
* You Found Titles in Categories (call number based categorization of
search results) available for library catalog searches.
* Cross references supported for library catalog searches.
* System support for Unicorn requests (Requests can be made from several
places in EPS, including Interlibrary Loan, Recommend to Order, and Change
My Address).
* Library settings that allow different libraries using the same EPS
instance to display their own logo and library information and set their own
OPAC defaults.
* Entire taxonomy displays for all users. Unauthenticated users are
prompted to login to access rooms that require authentication.
* Ability to specify all resources or a particular resource as a default
option for Quick Search.
* Admin Tool available for limited customizations by sites without
* Ability to copy changes to search configuration to child rooms of room
where change was made.
* Optional French and Spanish interfaces available.
* Holds in EPS have been updated to include the following capabilities:
* Patrons may change the Hold Pickup Library when creating or reviewing a
* Patrons may view and edit the default Hold Expiration Date field when
placing a hold.
* Patrons may suspend and unsuspend their own holds when creating or
reviewing a hold.
* System Properties have been added so the system administrator can turn
these features on and off.
Key corrections include:
* Quick Search options retained throughout search results.
* Unicorn Substitute Call number text now appears in the holdings display
in the Full Details display for an item.
* Claims Returned items no longer display in the Has Now List.
* Renewal limit message corrected.

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