Thursday, January 24, 2008

homework, Imac and such

When the High Schoolers and Fox River students come into the library to access their homework on our public computers, make sure they are saving to the desktop and from there open the document.

IMAC Information:

The IMAC is the scanning and internet station. It will also edit photos downloaded from a digital camera. To my knowledge it has never been able to save to a jump drive and for the record, Bugdom is only available on this station. Patrons can access many, many other games on the internet. You might want to suggest that they visit our website under internet liks on the Children's Page.

Again, at this time, the IMAC only prints to the Dell located between Gail and Ruth's computer stations.

Also, because we are using the Lanier next to the information desk as a copier and printer, when a staff member uses it as a copier and then it switches to printer you will need to specify the paper size. Remember to check to see if you need to add paper to the machine before and after your shift. Lastly, use the text/photo option to take a photocopy of a patron's drivers license.

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