Friday, January 11, 2008

A Few Links to Look at

BuddySchool - Community for people who want to study or tutor online. BuddySchool counts almost 4000 private teachers offering paid lectures in over 120 subjects (Foreign Languages, Programming, Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Painting …).

National Traffic and Road Closure

Looking for the latest information about the Marquette Interchange Project? Get the big picture of the Old and New, current traffic conditions, map your rout and ramp closure schedules.

Classic Short Stories
This sizable collection of classics includes Poe, Orwell, Twain, Balzac, O.Henry, Melville, H.G. Wells, deMaupassant, and more.

Public Domain Photos
Two neat things about the US government: they shoot lots of photos on just about every topic you can imagine, and all of them are in the public domain.

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