Friday, September 12, 2008

The Waterford Pulbic Library is now a Wi-Fi Hotspot!

WPL will offer wireless Internet access for patrons with wireless enabled PDA’s and laptop computers. This is a free service with limited bandwidth, from the Waterford Public Library, available within the building during regular library hours.
To be able to check your emails or start surfing the Net, you must first register at information desk to receive an Access Code. Patrons returning to the library on the same day will need a new code to login.

If your laptop computer or other device does not include wireless networking, you may be able to purchase a wireless network card from the manufacturer of your equipment or at your local technology store.

Library staff is unable to assist with setting up wireless internet on your device or computer; you will be responsible for the set up, modification or troubleshooting of your own equipment.

Wireless printing is not available at this time. Although, you may email your files (or save them to a jump drive) to your web-based email service and access it from one of the Library’s internet computers.

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