Monday, May 11, 2009

National Library Week Winners
"My public library is important to me because"

Grand Prize: "When I get the urge to learn something new, I know I will find it here!" - Nancy Awve

1st Prize: "It's been here through the good times and bad on this roller coaster I call life. It's been a constant ever since I can remember."
2nd Prize: "In these troublesome times where else can I lose myself in the different worlds that books provide?"
3rd Prize: "It lets my mind relax."

Other GREAT Answers-
"It has allowed me to watch my daughter's love of reading blossom."
"I can get fire truck books."
"Since I can't sleep I need lots of reading material."
"It is so useful in teaching my children a variety of topics. We Homeschool and use the library system a lot."
Thanks to all who participated!!!!

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