Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Founder Biography

The Wisconsin Historical Society Press has released a young readers biography of Gaylord Nelson, the Wisconsin politician who founded Earth Day in 1970.

Gaylord Nelson: Champion for Our Earth follows Nelson starting in boyhood in Clear Lake, Wisconsin and including his time as governor and senator.

After hearing "Young Bob" La Follette, Jr. speak, the 10-year-old Nelson knew he wanted to go into politics. College wasn't easy for him; it took three tries to make it through, but he got straight A's after exercising his determination.

Author Sheila Terman Cohen reveals that Nelson was one of the first politicans to oppose the Vietnam War. In founding Earth Day, he helped catalyze popular understanding of how and why to protect the environment. Readers watch Nelson win the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1995, and reflect on his legacy after his passing in 2005.

The book is part of the Badger Biography series for young readers. (Another recent release from the series chronicles Wisconsin-born architect Frank Lloyd Wright.)

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