Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pwxyz's most under-rated writers.....

We had a huge response to our request for the names of writers you thought were unjustly underrated. Here are my favorite fifteen from among your suggestions, listed in alphabetical order (why rank them any other way). You may not agree with my favorites, but that’s ok–you can post your own fifteen on the Internet too. To see the long list of 60 writers that PWxyz readers submitted, click past the break.

Now all that’s left to do is give these writers their due–go buy their books, talk ‘em up to your friends and enemies, and make them the literary titans they deserve to be!

Here are the top 15 Underrated Writers According to PWxyz (in alphabetical order)

1.Donald Antrim
2.Jo Ann Beard
3.Anthony Doerr
4.Deborah Eisenberg
5.Stephen Elliott
6.Steve Erickson
7.Brian Evenson
8.Percival Everett
9.Mary Gaitskill
10.Tessa Hadley
11.Kelly Link
12.Sam Lipsyte
13.Lydia Millet
14.Christine Schutt
15.Matthew Sharpe

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