Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Man Walks Into A Room...........

I recently finished Nicole Kruass's pensive and beautiful novel, "The History of Love", and because there is an extensive hold list for her new book "The Giant's House", decided to go back in time and read her first published novel, "Man Walks Into a Room."
The story revolves around a couple; Samson Greene is a university professor, who at thirty six years old, is discovered to have a brain tumour which ultimately leaves him unable to remember anything. Even his lovely wife Anna, with whom he struggles to reconnect even though he has no recollection of his prior self.
The story is beautifully written and completely heart-breaking--in the sense that you may need some gelato and champagne while reading this; not the heart-breaking type where you reach for an aspirin, or perhaps a handkerchief.
"......It was the vivid color of the memory that startled him, a luminous blue. It was all around him, warm and smooth, and moving through it toward the glow of light he could hear muted sounds that seemed to come from a great, impassable distance.."
This is a swift-moving, thought provoking book I think proves Nicole Krauss as a gifted writer long before "History of Love" hit the shelves. Pick it up; its worth it.

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