Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pass the Cheese, Please!

Calling all hipsters and foodies!  The newest trend in the food world is bringing back the old.  And it just so happens that my favorite food item of all time is having a relapse:  the grilled cheese.  I prefer mine with a bit of pesto and a fresh tomato, but in this book (yes, we have it at the library):

you can learn all different sorts of ways to make your favorite sandwich of all time.  Brie?  Of course!  Artichoke and Chicken??  Why, I believe it's possible!!  Tums??  Well, maybe not.  The hardest part about making these recipes will be finding some of the delish and unique ingredients some of them call for.  Hopefully you have a Russian, Mexian, and Chinese grocery near your house like I do.  And if no...well, then I'm sure Wal-mart has a decent generic on the shelf.  Seriously, if you're a lunch person and love cheese as much as this Wisconinsite..check this out.  It won't PLEASE you.  It will CHEESE YOU. 

Example of mouth watering sandwich you could be eating if you went to the library to check out this book:

Example of sandwich that is not in this book and that will not make your mouth water:


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