Thursday, September 15, 2011

Texting Librarians by Bernard Radfar

ME: My life is falling apart and it makes me question everything. How can I tell if it's me or the world?
THEM: sorry to hear you're hurt: Thought: Questions are natural responses to life = part of what we are as humans/ and things can fall apart in many ways - not always yr fault- hang in there.
In the elevator back to the lot, with a stack of DVD's about the fall of the Roman Empire in hand, I noticed for the first time a curious printed announcement, halfway up the yellow wall, notifying people that questions could be texted to the library for free, using ASK A LIBRARIAN.
I'm a person who is full of questions, most of which, I'm hesitant to admit, fall into the category of bizarre or unanswerable. Thus the philosophy degree and far too many books read on nihilism.
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