Thursday, December 9, 2010

Portnoy's Complaint....

Phillip Roth is still writing nail-biting, controversial books that depict more angst than seems humanly possible. And I love him for that. After going on a binge recently and reading a steady string of his works, I decided to head back to the books that began it all~Portnoy's Complaint and Goodbye, Columbus. While only halfway through Portnoy's at the moment, it is clear that Roth delivered early on what he is famous for: that raw protagonist whose life seems a series of misadventures, and who brings out our most hedonistic, human impulses.
And the laughter. I can't help but laugh reading Roth. Whether he means us to or not, I could care less (as an homage to Portnoy, of course). His maniacal, brilliant, yet disturbing images just bring out the cackle in me. Ask my neighbors. I'm pretty sure they think I'm practicing to be a comedienne at this point.

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