Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Adults Would Enjoy This One Too....

Shucks! This book definitely kept me on the edge of my seat last night as I was wrapping up the last hundred pages between laundry loads. I've read both great and okay reviews of this book, but at its heart I believe the book seeks to be a great, gripping adventure story, and I think that within those confines alone it does deliver. Yes, there are a few pacing problems. Yes, I felt a mad rush at the end for something *big* to happen, and yes, some of the characters were a bit underdeveloped.
But as far as young adult science fiction dystopia goes (breath), I think it's a good book. The maze itself and the myriad of strange (and bug-like?) antagonists provide this sort of bizarre, other wordly contrast to the modern, common sense personalties of the boys--(reminiscent of another "stranded" tale called "Lord of the Flies"...ever hear of it)? And there's enough trials and conflicts the young men "must figure out" or "defeat" which keeps the plot line intriguing and complex. Boys especially would enjoy this work. (There is one female in the book, but she stays largely on the periphery until the end. Hopefully we'll see more of her in the "Scorch Trials").
I've read other reviews where Tommy is called a bit of a *wino*--I didn't find him "whiny" at all personally, and actually grew to trust his instincts and was able to cheer him on without pity playing a part in it what-so-ever. I liked this book. I thought it was a fun read, and I'll definitely pass it on to those middle and high school aged boys who complain that there's not enough fiction for them out there. Boys, this one....was made for you. Enjoy.

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