Monday, February 4, 2008

How to Sync Files between PC and USB Jump Drive?

Got a USB jump drive? They’re great for backups. Do you carry files across in USB drives? It might sometimes be exhausting to copy files and folders to and from your hard drive and USB Stick. There’s an easy way to sync files between your hard disk and USB Flash Drive. Here’s how:

1. Download SyncToy and install it.

2. Run SyncToy from the Start Menu

3. You’ll now have to create a Folder Pair

4. Choose a Left Folder (this is a folder on your PC’s hard disk) and a Right Folder (this points to your removable USB Pen Drive)

5. Choose a Synchronization Method. This could be anything from:

Synchronize: Two Way Synchronization (left to right as well as right to left).
Echo: Transfer happens Left to Right. Renames and Deletes are also synced from left to right.
Contribute: Left to Right Syncing. Renames are done on right with left as the source. No Deletions occur.

6. In the window that appears, click on Run to start the Syncing Process. In case you want to be able to preview the changes that’ll be done, use the ‘Preview’ option to have a look at the upcoming actions that’ll be taken.

So that’s how you sync files between your PC’s hard drive and USB Jump Drive. Should come really handy, I hope.

By Shankar Ganesh, a 16 year old Student and Freelance Writer from India. Killer Tech Tips is his blog.

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