Thursday, July 29, 2010

3rd Generation Kindle...On Sale NOW!

As a 2nd generation kindle owner, I was a bit surprised when I saw that Amazon is now offering a new kindle--actually two new kindles, for under two hundred dollars. The standard kindle is now $189.00 and is available in graphite or white. But Amazon is also offering a $139.00 dollar kindle that does not have build it wireless; although you could use it at any wireless hot spot. Not a bad deal. Amazon's hoping people will buy many of them for their households (so says their website). So Cheers to Amazon for making the kindle a bit more affordable and cheers to us who can now display our rickety-old 2nd generation kindles and feel like complete dunces. cheers to us, rather. My gosh, I just bought mine a year ago and already its out of style. I will say though that I am completely in love with my Kindle (I read it at the gym, outside on my porch, on the airplane) because its so convenient. I can read my newspaper on the treadmill and it makes the time go much faster. The beach is a good idea too. Really, this is the product I COULD NOT live without. So, like em' or hate em' they're here to stay. And quite cheap now too!

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