Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year's Reflection

The New Year's holiday always causes me to take a few minutes and reflect on past years.  The first year on my own, the first year married, the first year in my own home, the first year my home was filled with children, the smiles, the frowns, the contentment and the panic that goes hand-in-hand with life fill my memories.  While searching for a blog topic today, I found a website, historyorb.com that offered an easy-to-use "Today in History" link that broadened my personal reflections into one filled with historical events from around the world on any given day.  Today, December 27 for example, did you know that The Hawaiian Fire Department was established in 1850?  Also on this day in 1932, Radio City Music Hall opened in New York city.  In 1968, Apollo 8 returned to earth.  And Knots Landing premiered on CBS-TV on this day in 1979.  It was really interesting to see what had happened on my birthday, my anniversay, and my kids' birthdays.  As you reflect on years gone by this New Years, take a minute to explore this fun site.  Wishing you a safe, fun, and happy new year!

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