Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Got dirt?

Last week was exciting.  The first plant and seed catalog arrived in the mail.  I enjoy paging through these catalogs, learning about new varieties of roses, hydrangea, tomatoes, herbs and shrubs.  Perennials are a special favorite.  They provide color and interest to the garden and once established require minimal care.  But how is this goal of "once established" achieved and are the requirements for "minimal care" the same for all of these beautiful plants?  How are they planted and when?

This is Wisconsin after all, so there is plenty of time before planting season begins.  Plenty of time to research plants and plan gardens.  The library has many books to help.

     The Garden Book For Wisconsin by Melinda Meyers,   635,0977 MYE

     Gardening in Wisconsin Month By Month by Melinda Meyers   635.0977 MYE

     Perennials For Every Purpose by Larry Hodgson,   635.9 HOD

     Tending Your Garden  by Gordon & Mary Hayward   635.9 HAY

These and many more titles are available at the library.

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