Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Discovery of Witches...

I've heard this is the adult version of Twilight, and I can't help but slightly agree. It's PURE escapist fiction...vampires, witches, old books and libraries, lots of talk about wine and horses-- so don't expect to walk away from it with anything other than a sigh escaping your lips. A sigh for the Vampire we love; a sigh for his great collection of old books; a sigh that we aren't able to sit in the Bodlian library all day with seemingly nothing to do except read and brood over sexy vampire types. All I find myself doing is sighing...and that's weird.
The premise is great. Diana, a professor of Alchemy and Science, goes to Oxford to study ancient manuscripts in the library. She stumbles across an ancient book with great meaning to the creatures of the world and after that time, must fight to stay alive and keep the books' secrets from getting into the wrong hands. Enter Matthew Chamberlain who bravely rescues her, seduces her, and ultimately becomes her partner in crime. The one problem? He's a vampire and Diana is a witch, which makes them ill-accustomed to one another, according to "Creature Law."
The "Twilight" references abound: Chamberlain is totally possessive of Diana, he watches her in her sleep (sound familiar), the romance is forbidden by a "convenant of vampires", and the list goes on. I'm not saying I don't like it--it's fun, reminiscent of the "The Historian" by Kostova. It has a bit of history in it too, which will appeal to some. I just think this has been done before.

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