Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not Your Mother's.....(Review)

Beth Hensperger is known for her "Not Your Mother's...." cookbooks, which promises to give "new takes" on old favorites. While I find some of her recipes unique,(Sugar di Carne, Saffron Risotto), the lack of vegetarian recipes and glossy photos I find less than appealling. Enough so that I probably wouldn't check out one of her cookbooks again; although I like how this book on slow cookers appeals to single or two person meals--which are often overlooked in other cookbooks. If you have a small slow cooker, and need some traditional recipes,(meat loaf, tacos), this would be ideal. But because I have a tendency to get a little "artsy" with my cooking--(last week was BBQ'd Tofu), this cookbook just wasn't for me.

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