Monday, February 14, 2011

Local Poet Nick Demske

While paging through the Chicago Tribune last week, an author event caught my eye. It was a poetry reading that was taking place over the weekend in Chicago, and one of the poet's presenting their book was none other than Nick Demske, a librarian in Racine, and a guy I also know from my "Law and Ethics in the Library" Class at UWM. Nick has been involved with poetry for years and has received a host of praise and prizes for his work. He was also instrumentally involved with the Bonk! series hosted by the Racine Library for several years and is also an incredibly talented and committed librarian.
His new book, Nick Demske, can be found online at Amazon, through Fence Books, or via his blog here:
Nick is a local fixture whose poetry has a hip, modern beat. The conscience of the poetry epitomizes our current generation's questions regarding race, sex, and self and will speak to your gut. Make sure to check him out. Trust me, he did a poetry slam for our Law & Ethics class as his final project: It was, of course, amazing.

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